An mobile app that reinvents dining out experiences by unleashing the enthusiasm of locals to cook and serve food for adventurous food serendippers.

Diners and chefs want more options

There are a great variety of mobile apps focusing on connecting food eater to find interesting food, but they are all centered established restaurants - both consumers and chefs want more options.
Chomp enables a whole new class of food-eating experiences by connecting individuals who are passionate about cooking and sharing food with millions of adventurous food eaters.

Dining choices have exploded, but how about individuals who are passionate about cooking and sharing food? How about more adventurous food eaters who are tired of restaurants?

It's Saturday, Sarah is in the mood of a quick dinner and she wants to try something new. She launched Chomp, skims through her options and finds a BBQ event tonight.

"The BBQ event looks pretty cool!" She goes to the event page, and pulls up the cards to get detailed information in regard to the menu, the chef reviews, and other attending Chompers.

Sarah really likes the food, so she "chomps" the event to confirm going. Then, she goes to her profile page, and the BBQ event is listed there. She will get an reminder as the time approaches.

For Mark, the BBQ event creator, he is able to keep track of the stats of his event inline in the app.

Chomp Analytics

Chomp Analytics is a dashboard that help the managers of Chomp keep track of the critical information by displaying the key matrix to ensure the healthiness of Chomp ecosystem. The dashboard shows how many events eaters have access to and how many eaters event creators have access to. In order to support local versions of the app, the map shows where the different users are located.

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