College Booster is an online service that allows for interactive graphs showing university students stats. After uploading the data, the interactive charts it generates can be embedded in users' own website.

Interactive Graphs or Raw Numbers?

Universities usually needs to display their annual student enrollment reports on their websites. The data amount is huge, and the data type varies a lot. What universities normally do is adding a bunch of links to a web page, which works OK. With College Booster, there is something more they can do. Universities can upload the key data their want to present to College Booster Page, and College Booster will generate customizable interactive graphs which universities can embed into their own website

Annual Students
Admission Reports

The Office of International Students in CMU needs to present their annual student admission statistics on their website. What CMU does is attaching a list of PDFs or Excels to the website. However, there could be better solution.

Needs of Different Parties

Before letting audiences open each link and read the numbers, is there any more informative way to present the data that can give the audiences a summary-level overview?

Steps to Use

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