Facebook provides a series of products to help business owners to grow their audience. Promoted Posts is one of the products that gives Page Admins insights of their audience

Facebook for Business - Promoted Posts

I worked in Facebook Monetization, Ads and Insights team during the summer 2013. One of the main products I had been working on is Promoted Posts. Promoted Posts is on-timeline ad creation, originally aimed at small business that don't have the time to use the full-featured ads interfaces. It has very simple set of options, which makes it easy for Page Admins to create ads and gain quick insights.

Promoted Posts
Result Panel

Promoted Posts Result Panel is a lightweight fly-out that enables Page Admins to gain insights of the audience who engage with the post after payment.

Process &

Iteration 1
Iteration 1 Reflect
Iteration 2
Iteration 2 Reflect
Iteration 3
Iteration 3 Reflect
Final Design
Interaction Prototype