A smartphone app that enhances the library system by helping the readers to search for, locate, and check out books quickly

Searching for books in the library is frustrating

I am not the only one who finds the experience of looking for a book in the library frustrating. Searching for the book, locating the book, checking out the book, setting reminder of the due date, all compose library a user's dissatisfied experience.

The task flow of borrowing a book

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User Journey

Upon visualizing the book-borrow journey of a typical library user, it becomes obvious that some steps are redundant which annoy the users—the problems are coming to the surface.

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Pain points in the library

Pulling from the task flow, user journey and some interviews, three inconveniences are identified as the biggest pain points for users.

Taking down the call number is troublesome

Locating the book always takes a long time

Checking out the books at the machine is inconvenient

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So, what if...

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What if I can keep the book's call number in my phone?

What if I can locate the book easily with my phone?

What if I can scan the book with my phone to check out?


Librarian is a smart phone app that can enhance the library system and help the readers search for, locate, and check out books quickly.

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Book Detailed Page

The book detailed page integrates multiple key functions such as Book preview, library map, talk to holders etc.

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Book Preview

Preview the book content with beautiful reading experience.

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2D/3D/Virtual Library Map

Users are able to switch among 2D / 3D / Virtual library maps to quickly locate a certain book.

Talk to Book Holders &
Share Resources

If the book is not availale, users are able to look at who is holding the book, chatting with the current holder to negotiate the date of returning the book or the possibility of sharing the book.

Scan to Check Out

Users are able to use their smart phone to check out the book by simply scanning the RFID Tag.

Process &

----- Task Flow
----- Primary Sketch
----- Secondary Sketch
----- Balsamiq Prototype
----- Visual Design