Music Nest

Music Nest is a service design solution that helps Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra to gain new customers and keep retention. It enables the public to appreciate classical music with multiple interaction touch points in the service

Will you go to Symphony?

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO) runs deals to draw in new audiences to classical music and the experience of attending a symphony. Given the fact that many of those first-time goers never come back, we designed a service solution called "Music Nest" that brings classical music outside symphony, emphasize music education and cultivate appreciation.


Research Synthesis - Information Accessibility

Research Synthesis
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We Found Out That...

PSO already did a lot. Pulling from our research, however, we found out that the lack of classical music education and the ability of appreciated are the main barriers that keep potential customers away from going to concert, and keep one-time goers from coming back.

So, What If...

Service Prototype

We prepared 2 rooms for each section with short interviews afterwards to gather feedback. In the Inspiration section, we showed TED talk of classical music on screen, and everyone listens to same audio In the Appreciation room, We used 3 projectors showing the performance enabled by synced headphones.

Final Poster