Seedlinks is a platform that empowers people who care to contribute to their communities, share knowledge, and nurture relationships.

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The challenge of volunteerism - People are willing to help, but...

"We care about our communities and we are happy to help." However, the effort of individual may lack enough power to make a change. Seedlinks helps people who care contribute to their communities. Seedlinks is a platform for neighbors to identify local community challenges, create and contribute to local projects, encourage action in physical environment, share knowledge, and nurture relationships.

Research & Process

We did a series of research on community strength, collective behaviors and volunteerism, including:

----- Interview
----- Survey
----- Field Study
----- Competitive Analysis
----- Affinity Diagram
----- Ideation
----- Speed Dating
----- Quick Prototype

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Key Findings

People are frequently unaware of local issues and challenges. Most of them are information consumers rather than information hunters

People want to understand how they can contribute and want to have a say in what they do. Because of this, organizations frequently lose potential ongoing volunteers because they don’t have the capacity to support people effectively.

People are motivated not only by seeing needs but also by building social relationships, seeing personal growth opportunities, and sharing values.

Despite constraints, recruiting people who care to volunteer and participate in their local community is not a problem. Ensuring alignment between community needs and people’s expectations is.

Remapping the

The territory map raised lots of interesting questions are surfaced: Should volunteer always be the way it used to be? What if volunteer activity is community-initiated? What if local citizens, non-profit organizations and local businesses are able to join? What if we can empower everyone who cares?

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Persona: Walter, the warm body

The group of people who care can be broken down into 4 personas based on their engagement in the community and their skills. We have the professional, the leader, the regular, and the warm body. We choose to focus on helping warm body who has less experience, and we call him Walter.

Seedlinks, empowering people who care

Building on data, Seedlinks is a space for neighbors to identify local community needs, create, nurture and contribute to local projects. Let's follow Walter's Seedlinks journey.

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for projects

Walter filters the projects according to category, time and physical proximity

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a project

When joining a project, Walter can contribute in many ways - attending the event, contributing online by bringing supplies. By working with others through a collaborative to-do list, he was able to understand the project goals and where he/she could help.

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At the Event

At the event, Walter checks in. The mobile part of Seedlinks allows Walter to collect event data, take phots and connect with new neighbors.

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The data collected by Walter is feed back into Walter's dashboard where is he able to track his growth over time though his achievement badges and see appreciation from people he has worked on projects with.

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Create a New Project

Walter gradually gains experience and credibility to create his own project. When creating a new project, Seedlinks maximizes his chances for success by using previous collected data and offering tips for him.

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Process &

Field Study
Motion Mapping
Affinity Diagram
Competitive Analysis
User Testing