How old is your Sushi?

This is a fun infographic illustrating the age of your Sushi and the age of the ingredients of your Sushi!
Do you know how old is your Sushi? Historically, the origin of Sushi can be traced to 300s as a method for South Asian people to preserve fish - The age of Sushi is about 1700 years. If we take a look at the age of the ingredients of a Sushi, the youngest part (Roe) might be just 1-2 days old while the oldest one (eel) might be more than 25 years old. In this sense, the age of Sushi might range from 4 months to 30 years.


As an original idea, I made a quick sketch dissecting the ingredients of a Sushi.

Afterwards, I added some intuitive as well as interesting facts in the content, which is the predecessor of the final infographic poster.

Final Inforgraphic