System of System

A pair of poster mapping out the systems around air conditioning, and three interventions that could occur within the systems

We live in a system within a system

Though there are differences in culture and industry, we live in a system within a system. This project aims to identify the system around air conditioning industry based on object-oriented ontology, and put three design interventions into the system to see how the related components in the system affects each other.

Air conditioning
Mapping out

Upon mapping out the networks, we can see a simpler version of these repercussions of our actions as they flow throughout the systems. It opens up new possibilities for new thoughts about where we can and should intervene. The challenge comes when trying to find the most productive interventions for these complex systems of systems.

Deliverable: Posters

5 system crowds

a) Its life cycle
b) Its previous similar products and future trends
c) Other infrastructures it must be connected to function
d) System of behavior and meaning associated with it
e) The ways of living that are enabled by it and its system

3 interventions into the system

a) An air conditioner with a money counter
b) Color labeled recyclable air conditioner components
c) Air conditioner that can hunt down heat sources

Process &

Inspired By the Paper
Around Air Conditioning
Make Connections
Map Out the Space
Wireframe the Poster
Final Print