Tastebuds is an augmented reality system that helps shoppers navigate the grocery store by connecting them to the traditions, expertise of their families, friends and favorite chefs.

What to buy? What to cook?

Have you ever experienced that moment that in a grocery store, you have no idea what to buy to prepare a meal? What's the best combination? You spots some food ingredients on sale but you are confused how they are supposed to be cooked - you are not alone that feel so. Tastebuds helps shoppers by augmenting the dishes, recipes and pairing recommendations from whom they follow as they walk through the aisle. They can save the recipes to their carts as shopping lists.

On the Aisle

As shoppers proceed through the store, the RFID tags and holographic optical systems throughout the aisle track the movement of the user and allow images and recipes to appear.

On the Cart

The shopper can filter the information he/she wants to see on the cart, which is synced with the hologram on the aisle. The shopper can save the recipe to his/her cart, and add the relevant ingredients to his/her grocery list.

Process &

Literature Review
Problem Space
Affinity Diagram
Opportunity Space
Speed Dating
Screen Design
Video Shooting
Identity Design