Thanks Kim for starting Doodle-a-day group. The initial thought was to have fun posting a little doodle casually, then it became a chance for me to pick up the pen again after years, and to remind myself how much I am still loving what I used to love — drawing. I start to observe more, listen more, take better care of people, pay more attention to everyday's tiny lovely happenings, seek enjoyable moments, take more time to reflect, to remind myself how many things can actually touch me, and to gain new fresh appreciation of life day to day, by drawing them on the paper.

Although I deal with computers designing digital things in most of my time now, you can still stumble on me holding a pen by a coffee table or at the next street corner, pictures what I love - the earthen scent of hidden maple trails, the comfort of home cooked food in the pot at Friday nights, the wisdom of philosophical talks, the twinkling faces of friends. If you come across yourself in these snippets if stories, don't feel surprised. That's because you are one of the most enjoyable pieces of jigsaws in my world. Thanks for stopping by.

The story still goes on. Let's take a break for now.
Happy new year :)