Continuing last year’s tradition, I filled in a notebook. This year, it has a lot to do with accountability and memorization. “Day in day out” is often used to describe adult life, which is unavoidably true. Sometimes, I cannot believe that time passed by so fast, and that I can hardly remember how it happened without referring back to my calendar. Or, even calendar cannot give me a satisfying answer. Maybe I am too busy scheduling my days, too busy to look at them, to pay attention, and to remember them.

That’s not how true, I hope. Out of this day in day out, there are always something that enlightens us, make us smile, some moments that sparkle; there are always some people who come through our lives to bring us something: a gift, a blessing, a lesson we need to learn, as described by Danielle Steel. They don’t meant to be there forever, but that gift will be left to us. Hence, I want to remember those gifts - San Francisco’s July has beautiful sunshine; 7am’s golden gate park smells like mowing lawns - but wait, before rolling yourself on the grass, watch out the geese poop; I will remember the cute songs on the road trip, those beautiful spins on the dancing floor, those secret recipes, those good and bad jokes and pranks, those things that we learned as growing up. I will remember, cuz I was there. I will remember, with these drawings. Again, if you figured in the drawing, “oh that’s me”, don’t feel surprised. That’s because I feel very lucky and happy to have you be such a wonderful part of my life - Thanks for stopping by.

The story goes on, see you in another year :)